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Short Film Script Title: Gibberish

Logline: Michael learns that in love, all communication is a form of miscommunication.

Author’s Comments: This script is my insult to language. The actors speak in gibberish and subtitles explain their true meanings. The script/film is broken into chapters which demonstrates the absurdity of language, because the audience can hear it, they can read it, they  can write it, they can say it, but they do not understand it.

Colourless green ideas sleep furiously indeed!


Feature Film Script Title: Finding Ruby

Logline: A Fantasy set in 1980′s New York and centered on a tattoo covered Dorothy who reunites with her friends Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow as they search for her daughter who was forcibly given up for adoption at birth. In exchange for their efforts, Dorothy acquires cocaine for Lion, steals Einstein’s brain for Scarecrow and orchestrates the heist for a donor heart for Tin Man.



Feature Film Script Title: In-Utero

Logline: Before you are born you negotiate with God how long you’re going to live In-Utero.

Comment: The short film is completed. The feature is still incomplete.

Synopsis: Before you are born you negotiate with G-d how long you’re going to live In-Utero. You agree on a time span, but now you must earn it by completing tasks in the womb.


Feature Film Script: Infinite and Finite

Logline: Jonathan is a financial number cruncher who has just formulated how to obtain ‘Perfect Information’ – the Holy Grail of Finance. Only, his formula has manifested in the form of love – and every woman he meets is somehow connected to the next.


Author/Lexicographer: One Page Dictionary of Difficult Words

Description:  Do you really need ‘cat’ and ‘dog’ in your dictionary? Do you really need to spend minutes when you can find a difficult word in seconds? Ideal for university students and writers, or for those who want to improve their vocabulary!

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